Map of pedestrian and cyclist casualties in non-built-up areas of England and Wales 1999-2008, based on STATS19 data

Accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists outside of urban areas tend to get less attention than those in towns and cities, despite them accounting for 22% of pedestrian fatalities and 50% of cyclist fatalities in 2008 (Department For Transport, 2009). This map uses accident data for a ten-year period that was prepared for a national segment-based spatial analysis of non-motorised road traffic casualties occurring in non-built-up areas.

The location information of the raw STATS19 data was substantially improved using a snapping process to ensure that each reported casualty was coincident with the appropriate road. This is a significant improvement over other maps of STATS19 data that have been created. Unfortunately the data is a little old now. Details of the methodology used, which may be useful if anyone is interested in replicating it using more recent data, can be found in my MSc thesis, and this short presentation (PDF) contains a useful summary of the project.

Only the fatal pedestrian and cyclist layers are visible by default, the layer switcher (the white + sign on top right edge of map) can be used to display the other layers as required. Points are clustered at lower zoom levels. I hope to add an identify tool in the future to provide details of each incident. It is also worth bearing in mind that the extent of urban areas will have significantly changed in some areas during the period covered by this study and subsequently. The map uses the OS OpenSpace API.

Reference: Department For Transport, 2009. Reported Road Casualties Great Britain: 2008 Annual Report.

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